Our Health and Safety Program

COR CertificationHealth, Safety, and the Environment (HSE) is both a high priority and integral part of Pelly’s business model. Through ongoing training, auditing and skill development initiatives, Pelly ensures continued HSE diligence and success. The success of Pelly’s HSE system is echoed in the many safety awards and government praise for the leadership in making health and safety a priority and maintaining exemplary statistics wherever Pelly operates.

Health and Safety success is defined by the culture and behavior of the workforce in a workplace environment. Management strives for continuous improvement to minimize the risks and control the hazards. Success is measured through continuous improvement of the systems designed to protect the worker, workplace and the environment. Pelly Construction continually assesses our workplaces and implements improvements while also recognizing and eliminating worksite hazards; this is done through the numerous safety systems that are in place. These systems are rigorously monitored to ensure compliance with Pelly’s Safety Program and Territorial and Provincial Legislation.

These systems, including but not limited to: toolbox talks, job hazard assessments, organized safety meetings, incident investigation and root cause analysis, health and safety committee auditing, external independent auditing, and investigating. These are all critical elements of sustaining continuous improvement. Performance metrics including reporting on near misses, first aids, medical aids, injury frequencies are all tracked and used as tools for identifying overall safety system effectiveness and provide the necessary feedback to foster improvement.

Safety is a cornerstone to Pelly’s success on all projects. Ensuring safety on all of our sites is far more than just a written statement; it is the daily engagement of the workforce through toolbox meetings, on and off the job training, and mentoring by experienced supervisors. This hands-on approach ensures everyone is provided with the knowledge and skill set necessary to do his or her job safely. Pelly regularly performs safety audits to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations and policies.

"Walter Energy Brule Mine is pleased to announce that the Brule Mine has been awarded the Edward Prior Safety Award for 2011 in the province of British Columbia from 200,000 to one million hours without injury.

This award recognizes the dedication to safely operate all aspects of the Brule Mine operations from the pit to the coal haul and all employees should be proud of this accomplishment."

- Excerpt from a letter set to all Brule Mine employees by mine manager M. W. Lacarte, P. Eng., April 20, 2012.