Faro Mine, Faro Mine Remediation, Yukon

Grum Waste Sulphide Cell Remediation Project.

In spring 2010, Pelly Construction was awarded a public tender by the Yukon Government to remediate the Grum Waste Sulphide Dump at the Faro Mine Complex near Faro, Yukon. The remediation plan for the Grum Sulphide Dump, covering an area over 30 city blocks, involved shaping the whole area and installing an impervious layer of welded HDPE liner that was covered with till and hydro-seeded. Substantial completion was achieved by October 31, 2010, with hydro-seeding and additional scope completed in summer 2011. The project was successfully completed without major incident by October 2011. Pelly’s success on this project was made possible through solid cooperation and participation with local First Nations, including employment and skill development, as well as mutually beneficial business arrangements made for servicing the project.

Anvil Mine, Faro, Yukon

Rose Creek Diversion

Arguably the most technically challenging canal built in Yukon to date is the Rose Creek diversion at the Anvil Mine Site. The canal was built by General Enterprises, the forerunner of Pelly Construction Ltd., under the direction of Keith Byram, P. Eng., founder and President of Pelly Construction. The 4.2 km canal was built on a permafrost side hill in order to relocate Rose Creek from the valley floor to make room for a tailings pond. Careful construction considerations included the construction of thick thermal blanketing and sequencing the work for seasonal advantages that either promoted compaction or the protection of permafrost. Some areas of the excavation exposed fractured bedrock that needed to be meticulously cleaned and a clay liner constructed before armoring the entire canal with rip-rap.  Steep outfalls necessitated the construction of energy dissipation weirs without impeding the passage of fish through the canal. This canal has performed well with little maintenance for nearly 30 years. This project also involved the construction of two multi-zoned tailings dams. The project was very time and environmentally sensitive and was completed on time and well under the client’s budget.

Curragh Resources, Faro, Yukon

Largest Open Pit Lead Zinc Mine in North America.

Pelly construction was actively involved in building infrastructure of the Faro Mine. A stripping program involving 17 million cubic metres was initiated when Rose Creek was relocated from the valley floor to the valley side slope, the Rose Creek Diversion Project. The valley floor was excavated to a suitable foundation and two clay core zoned gravel and rock dams approximately 700 m long and 30 m high were constructed. This work was performed in a difficult area that included both permafrost and wet conditions, intrinsically sensitive environmental conditions. High volume pumps and siphons were employed to prevent any unwanted contamination downstream. The job was successful and was completed on time, well under the client’s budget and with no major problems or disputes. The project was completed in 1994. Following completion of mining activities, in 2004 Pelly was enlisted to decommission the earth fill fresh water dam and reservoir and restore the original meandering streambed to its natural state.