Road Construction

Pelly Construction has completed road construction on virtually every road in the Yukon. The majority of our road construction contracts was completed on the Alaska Highway, on Yukon and B.C sections. Construction projects have often included high rock volumes, difficult and steep terrain, permafrost, muskeg, quarry development and large multi-plates.

Pelly Construction Highway Construction Project Summary:

  • South Klondike Highway – 62 km
  • Alaska Highway B.C. and Yukon - 200+ km
  • Top of the World Highway – 70 km
  • NWT Highway #3 – 27 km
  • Dempster Highway – 80 km
  • Haines Highway – 24 km
  • State of Alaska – 110 km

Starting to take shape
Adding a layer
Winter sun
Crew at work
Winter sunset