At Pelly, our belief in our people is at the heart of everything we do and every project we take on. With this in mind, we have strong commitments to Safety, the Environment, and Technology. Our comprehensive health and safety guidelines combined with our environmental policy as outlined below – guide our corporate practices.


Safety is a cornerstone of Pelly’s success.

Pelly continually assesses our workplaces while recognizing and eliminating worksite hazards. We do this through our safety systems.

Safety for us starts with engaging with our workforce every day. Our safety practices include toolbox meetings, five-point cards, on- and off-the-job training, and mentorship by experienced supervisors.

Our hands-on approach to safety ensures our employees are provided with the knowledge and skills to do their jobs safely.

We track safety reporting and use this information to assess safety systems and provide feedback.

We continually review and update our safety systems to prevent harm to people, assets and the environment. This includes rigorously performing safety audits to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Committee per the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Furthermore, Pelly has adopted paperless safety system. This effective and efficient system allows for even greater accountability and follow-up.

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Environmental Sustainability

Pelly Construction Ltd. is devoted to completing its construction and mining activities in an environmentally sound manner, maximizing project sustainability, and minimizing impacts on the environment. We are committed to ensuring the protection of the health and safety of our employees, and conducting our operations in full compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations, and permits and authorizations that are specific to the projects we undertake.

We are proud of our environmental record. Pelly establishes a detailed working knowledge of the environmental plans and procedures for each project. We work closely with each of our project owners to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

At Pelly, we provide environmental training and awareness for all our employees and practice responsible consumption of materials and resources.

We monitor and record all actions we take that will have environmental significance and make any improvements necessary. Finally, we respect the environment in which we work and operate in a reclamation-conscious manner.

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The technical team here at Pelly includes mining engineers, geological engineers, surveyors and technicians. Our team uses-leading 3D mine modelling and planning software, 3D CAD software, and a variety of GPS survey hardware and software, including drones and laser scanners.

Pelly’s team uses these tools to work with each project owner’s team to resolve challenges during construction and operations. This often involves short-term design, sequencing, planning for drilling and blasting, volumetric modelling, and general project management.

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