Pelly Construction is committed to the North and its people.

Pelly Construction is an established and respected Yukon based mining and construction company. Pelly has delivered a wide range of civil projects throughout Western and Northern Canada as well as internationally.

Pelly is the North’s premier mining contractor and construction company. We are a locally owned and family-run business with more than 35 years’ experience. Pelly’s dedication to honesty and fairness has earned the company its good name and established it as a contractor of choice.

Pelly has experience in large-scale mine site development, operation, closure and reclamation, and in transportation and civil infrastructure.

We have worked in every corner of the Yukon and beyond. Our attention to detail and thorough planning means that we deliver projects on time and on budget. We have a record of completing projects to the owner’s satisfaction.

At Pelly, we pride ourselves on our skilled technicians and operations staff and on our award-winning health, safety, and environmental practices. We believe in developing the North’s resources responsibly.